Used Mini-Homes

Heather Homes sells both new and used mini homes, and may even buy a used home from you or take it as a discount on your new home.

And finally here is a current and not yet sold used mini-home, but this certainly won’t last long!

Used Mini- Home Special on 16 x 44’ 

-On sale is an used (2010) Mini- Home, running dimensions of 16 x 44 feet. 

-Home includes: 1 Bedroom; Fridge, stove and water pump (w/ pressure tank);

– Home is electrical heated. 

– Delivery includes blocking, anchors (setup). 

*Setup of your new home on your land, or on a rented lot in a park in Sydney or Port Hawkesbury on Cape Breton Island, or in Antigonish on the Mainland.  

Updated: SOLD

*All Used Homes currently sold at Heather Homes, please wait for more future used homes – coming soon!

*If you have an used home you would like to sell, receiving a discount on a sale of a new home. 

Then please contact us anytime @ Heather Homes

– Phone 902 562-6606 or 902 561-1137 ;   Or email 

*Tax exempt with Delivery, blocking, anchors included.

Rental lots are available in Sydney, Port Hawkesbury and Antigonish, NS.


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